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1. Blue Diamond Hotel guests are obliged to present their identification documentation to the hotel receptionist before checking-in. In the event of a refusal, the hotel receptionist has the right to decline to hand over the room card/key.

2. The hotel room is rented for a day. The hotel day begins at 2 pm and ends at 12 pm the next day.

3. If the Guest does not determine the duration of the stay, it is assumed that the hotel room is rented for one day.

4. If the Guest wishes to prolong the stay beyond the time indicated on the day of arrival, the Guest must inform the Reception desk before 10 am on the last day of the period that the hotel had been asked to rent the particular room/s for.

5. Staying in the hotel room longer than 12 pm, without previously informing the Reception desk, is treated as a prolongation of the stay.

6. Animals are not permitted, except for guide dogs for the blind.


1. Hotel Guests are not permitted to pass the room onto other people, even if the time of stay for which the Guest had paid, has not yet expired.

2. People who are not registered at the hotel may stay inside a hotel room between 7 am and 10 pm.

3. If a Guests decides to cut short his stay at the hotel, the guest is obliged to inform the Reception desk before 6 pm on the day preceding the day of departure.

4. The hotel has the right to decline accommodation to Guests who have grossly contravened the terms and conditions of the hotel during a previous stay.


The hotel provides services in accordance with its category and standard. In the event of any comments concerning the quality of service, hotel Guests are requested to inform the reception desk immediately, in order to enable the hotel to respond promptly.


1. The hotel does not bear responsibility for any loss or damage to money, valuables, securities or any other valuable items and objects having scientific or artistic value, if these items had not been deposited in the safe deposit box at the Reception desk.

2. The hotel car park is unattended and free of charge. The hotel does not bear responsibility for any car damage or car theft, or any other vehicle which belongs to a hotel Guest.


1. Silence shall be observed in hotel rooms between 10 pm and 6 am.

2. Hotel Guests and visitors shall not disturb other Guests. The hotel has the right to terminate the stay of any Guest who grossly breaks this rule.


1. Hotel Guests bear full responsibility for damage to or destruction of equipment and technical facilities of the hotel, caused by themselves or their visitors.

2. Hotel Guests are obliged to immediately inform the Reception desk about any damage caused.

3. Every time guests leave their hotel room they are obliged to check if the door is locked and they must leave the room card/key with the Reception desk. The Reception hands back the room card/key on the basis of a hotel residence card.


1. Due to fire safety requirements, the use of electrical equipment or devices in the hotel room – such as heaters and irons, which do not constitute the equipment of the room, is forbidden, except for audio/video and computer power supply units and chargers.

2. The hotel provides its Guests with a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted within all hotel rooms and public areas.
In the event that this rule is violated, the hotel Guest shall be charged with a “Smoke Elimination Fee” of PLN 900, which will be added automatically to the Guest's account.


Personal belongings left behind by a Guest will be sent back to the address provided by the Guests and at the Guest's expense. If no such instructions are provided, the hotel will store such items for a period of three months.


1. The hotel reserves the rights to process a credit card pre-authorization or demand an advance payment for the first day of the stay from a Guest who is checking into the hotel for the first time. In the event of a refusal, the hotel receptionist has the right to decline to provide the guest with the room card/key.

2. The hotel receptionist has the right to demand the account to be settled by the hotel Guest earlier than the departure time, when the bill exceeds the amount of 1000 PLN.