Rzeszow Cellars is an interactive Cultural Institution operating within the structures of Estrada Rzeszowska - a municipal cultural institution of the City of Rzeszow.

The establishment of Rzeszow Cellars is the result of the implementation of the project "Rzeszowskie Piwnice - interactive cultural institution" within the framework of the Act 8.1 Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources of the Infrastructure and Environment Programme 2014-2020. The subject of the project was to purchase the equipment and furnishings that enabled the creation of a new version of the existing Rzeszow Underground Tourist Route as an interactive cultural institution, combining historical aspects with modern technologies and methods of showing the multithreaded history of Rzeszow in a much broader perspective. The the project allows for the implementation of a modern cultural and educational programme. A new offer, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

The idea of the institution is to combine and intertwine perspectives - historical and contemporary, local and supra-regional. It is oriented towards the development of contemporary art in Rzeszów - the capital of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, as well as its broad presentation, the use of the cultural and historical heritage of Rzeszów for the development of cultural competence and cultural education of the society.